"Cinematic, expansive, and AMAZING! Textures and contrasts take me places I've never been but need to go to. Have a listen and see what I mean. For fans of Eno, Sanfilippo, Helpling, Jenkins, Shearmur, Isham, O'Hearn, Hammock, etc. Just spectacular!!", Pete Kowalsky

"My friend your new album is amazing. I can't stop listening to it. Both your albums are great. I find that anytime I listen to your music, that I am taken away to a place of peace and calm, which in today's world is very hard to find. Thanks you again for being the musical genius you are and sharing it with us. O and you take some pretty cool pictures too. They remind me of the music you make. I am already looking forward to your next piece of work.", Matthew Brooks

thank you so much for all your support & feedback, this really means the world to me :)

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